[deeper_text]New year, new strategies! Indema is here to help you polish your business. Follow these strategies and take your success to the next level.

  1. Know your Specialties:

Once you have set your brand on a clear path, you can plan your advertisements and approach target clients according to it. Your niche could be designing offices, apartments, or hotels; the sooner you are certain about it, the better. Indema can also help you with your specialty and staying organized!

  1. Redo your Facebook Business Page:

Just creating a Facebook page won’t grant you a successful online presence. You have to maintain it, update it, and post regularly on it.

You should get an exclusive Facebook banner designed, update whatever you want to be visible on the left sidebar, and of course, don’t forget to upload appealing images of your work.

Include customer reviews (written or video form), and be sure to write a captivating business description update.

  1. Create a WordPress Website:

Instead of having your website built through services like Wix or Squarespace, invest in WordPress, and have full control over your website. However, be sure to set up one with a blog!

Using WordPress, you will not only be able to enjoy already built-in blogs but will also rank on Google faster.

In order to really be reimbursed for your time and money, you should know how to create the best website. To do so, you need to have a clean design, an about and contact page, a portfolio page that shows all your work, and a lead capture popup plugin that essentially asks your web site’s visitors for their email addresses.

  1. Get a Genuine Email:

The next step to take towards professionalism is getting a real email. If you have a specific domain email, your audience will tend to take your brand more seriously. Google business is a platform that will charge you only $6 per email per month. Set up your own email now and give your interior designing business a new perspective!

  1. Join the Interior Design Community:

The Interior Design Community is a large forum built FOR interior designers. The platform allows designers to market with each other, and allows designers to be able to not only bounce ideas off each other, but also allows you to get insight and help from fellow designers.

  1. Publish How-to Articles:

Start writing articles that show the public how you do your work. Assert your authority and show off your professionalism by doing so.

These articles could perhaps consist of problems and their solutions, tips, fresh ideas about interior designing, life hacks, or just show how people can design their homes in some of the ways you would.

Be sure to mention your website, email, and social media accounts in all of them.

  1. Request your Customers for Reviews:

Send emails, or ask your clients in-person to leave a review for your business. Design the emails in a way that everything is comprehensible and easy to do. It should consist of all the links that they would need to rate your company.

Once you ask the clients, who like your work, to leave a review, you should be able to have 5-star reviews online. It could be on Google, Facebook, Trustpilot, basically anywhere you ask your clients to post the reviews.

  1. Virtual Staging:

This is a means of designing or demonstrating an interior to show you designs through your gadgets’ screens. This will allow your client to see how their dwellings and offices would appear as if they were to be redesigned. This makes it so much easier to view an idea without actually having to go through the physical hassle. BoxBrownie.com is a company that provides this service.

  1. Show Appreciation Towards Your Clients:

Send thank-you notes to anyone who devotes their time to your company. This shows that you’re considerate and they could also potentially become your regular customers!

  1. Collect your Client’s Issues:

Keep note of all the problems you encounter with your projects. Write down each difficulty and how you dealt with it or helped them deal with it. This will help you a lot in the future and will help you keep track of answers to most questions.[/deeper_text]