What could a $10 billion industry possibly need more? The benefit of the social media platform, Instagram. Designers all over the world use this app to advertise and promote their brands, companies, and businesses.

Instagram is used by over one billion people all over the world. Ever since it was founded in 2010, it has become much more than just people posting about their daily lives and connecting with friends.

Now, as a professional interior designer, the social media platform has become a much vaster place for you to get your clients. Interior designer Christina Higham claims that about 40% of her business is obtained through Instagram, while Natalie Myers says she gets 60%. Pretty high numbers don’t you think?

Out of all the social media apps, Instagram is most definitely the best option for you to market your interior designing business. The main requirement of Instagram posts are pictures, along with a brief text detail about what’s happening in them (if you want to, that is). You can hire a photographer for great quality images or even take them yourself if you have a good sense of photography!

Furthermore, the times have changed and just a few clicks on the internet can help you advertise your brand easily. You don’t have to work extremely hard just to get a strong client base anymore. People are attracted to visually pleasing and “aesthetic” pictures. You should use this fact to the best of your advantage to impress as many potential clients and customers as possible.

Instagram has not only boosted the era of “trends” but has also sped up the promotion of interior design. Hashtags make it a lot easier for you to show off your brand, and for the public to look for quality interior designing services such as yours.

However, as wonderful as the text above may have sounded, there are still some downsides to the app. It is plagued with plagiarism issues. Professionals who work day and night to come up with new ideas and designs, post their work on Instagram. Next thing you know, some other imposters are copying their work and using someone else’s ideas; committing “intellectual property theft”.

Even though Instagram has taken measures to solve this and has taken down obvious pirated content, the problem still exists. The bitter truth is that most people don’t care who the content belongs to as long as they get to feast their eyes on beautiful designs. Still, it is highly unfair to the creators of said beautiful designs.

Here are some professionals who have developed quite a successful online presence on Instagram as interior designers: