Virtual, Video, and Viral. The three V’s you need for impeccable marketing. You’ve heard about flyers, articles, tv, and billboard advertisements. Right now, it is time for you to take advantage of the sensational video platforms that have taken over most of the internet.

Apps like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram are excellent social forums for you to promote your content.

Other than that, you can create 3-dimensional computer demonstrations, an app or software where clients can design and customize rooms and other places, and enlarged reality walkthroughs of indoor locations.

However, for now, Indema is here to educate you about how you can promote and advertise for your brand using the three V’s; virtual, viral, video.

  1. YouTube:

You must have heard about “YouTubers” and “vloggers” these are a couple of examples of YouTube sensations. You can also become one by creating a YouTube channel for your interior design business.

Start by creating a video that introduces you, perhaps some of your staff, and some of the work you have succeeded at. Make it a habit to post at least once a week, or at the most, thrice a week. Too much content can overwhelm your subscribers whereas too little content can make them lose interest. So, you need to have a healthy balance for the number of videos you post.

As for the content, give them tips on interior designing techniques and show them some behind-the-scenes or sneak peeks of your projects. Introduce happy customers on your channel and post their reviews; this will establish trust in the hearts of the people who watch your content and could become loyal clients in the future.

Include the links of your YouTube channel and YouTube videos on all your other social media accounts to get as many viewers as possible.

Be sure to stay in touch with your loyal viewers by liking and replying to the comments they leave on your videos and replying to their messages within 24 hours at the max.

Also, don’t forget to add a brief introduction to your business on your YouTube page!

  1. TikTok:

Not too long ago, TikTok announced that the app is now open for business. Meaning, that you can promote your brand through this platform without any restrictions.

You can participate in hashtag challenges, interact with other professionals on the app, and of course, fish for more clients and customers.

The app allows you to create videos with super cool transitions, new and popular music, and astonishing filters. You can also post videos where you simply just talk about your work to keep your followers updated.

Additionally, you can start a live video, preferably at least thirty minutes long, and talk to your followers through it.

Post videos a few times a week in your office, show off your creative designs, ask your customers if you can post their video reviews online, and most importantly, interact with your followers. Like and reply to their comments. Respond to their inboxes if they text you, be available, and considerate towards as many viewers as possible.

  1. Instagram:

You most probably already have an Instagram account where you post about your interior business. Nonetheless, there are no limits to the content you can post on this marvelous social media platform.

You will find plenty of interior designers who have quite a successful online presence on Instagram. So why shouldn’t you become of that category too?

Create edits of your designs and your work. If you don’t know much about editing videos, you can always watch tutorials on YouTube, download apps, and practice on those, and if not, there is always someone you can hire or ask to help you with such things.

You should also use your Instagram account to post your customers’ comments on your work, share tips, and videos, flaunt your talented team members, and ask your followers to share your content to gain more followers.

Go live and ask them questions about what they would like to see next and how you can improve your services. Stay in contact with your followers as much as possible.