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A premier operating system for successful design firms.

Unified platform.
For unified firms.

All growing design firms run into the same fundamental problems. Hair on fire, not sure who sent what to the client, stuff everywhere. The good news? Indema solves all of this.

Elevate your design firm with Indema. Our singular platform ensures that teams not only work together but thrive in unison. With features designed to amplify productivity, instill organization, and harmonize collaboration, discover an unparalleled alternative to Trello, Asana, and ClickUp, uniquely fashioned for interior designers.

rated 4.5 stars on all platforms for interior design firms.
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rated 4.5 stars on all platforms for interior design firms.
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rated 4.5 stars on all platforms for interior design firms.
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A Simple dashboard
to see the bigger picture

The dashboard allows you to get a full view of your business. From overdue tasks, current projects and their status, finance overviews, and overdue invoices to keep on top of it all!

Cloud Accessed

Our platform can be accessed anywhere in the world from any device connected to the internet. No need to download anything to your computer!

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Create estimates that auto-
convert to invoices AND
purchase orders

Work smarter. Not harder. Not only can you get estimates signed by clients, but estimates auto-convert to invoices AND purchase orders at the same time.

  • Clients can easily sign estimates with their mouse or trackpad
  • Approve or decline each line item
  • Auto-convert to invoice and purchase orders.
  • Clients can pay using our Stripe integration
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Ditch the shared product
Excel spreadsheet.

No pesky downloads, no being forced to use Chrome, and no limitations. Use our browser clipper to import any product on the net into indema.

  • Browser-based so you don’t have to download anything
  • Assign products to spaces, and categories and even add markup
  • Easy import with a click of a button
  • Keep track of all your procurement data + Status’
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Client + Lead Automated
Email Onboarding

Never have to worry about missing an email to a lead when they reach out! Our email automation workflow streamlines your lead and client onboarding.

  • Create email templates that automatically send to leads and clients.
  • Automatically email clients when projects are open or closed out.
  • Automated flow that works when you arent.
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Stunning Visuals and
State-of-the-art background removal

With our state-of-the-art background remover, you can create visually amazing visionboards to share with your clients and WOW them!

Share your boards with your clients on their portal and have them provide feedback and approvals right from within indema with no need for back-to-back emails or meetings.

On average, designers
use 6 disconnected
tools to manage their
design firms.

With indema:

Task Management

Task-based project management system. Bill your clients with a click of a button and automatically or manually track your time.

Email Automation

Automate your client and lead onboarding process with our campaign-style automation.

Lead Management

Manage your leads coming into the firm and track the steps in the lead lifecycle.

Time Tracking + Billing

Record your billable time and invoice your clients with a click of a button. Both manual and automatic time tracking are available!

Product Sourcing

Source products super fast with our browser-based web clipper.No need to use Excel!

State-of-the-art Visionboards

Create stunning visuals with our state-of-the-art visionboard tool. Complete with an amazing background remover.

$375/Mo for a team of 5.

Without indema:

Asana: $10.99/User/Month

Task Management and task-based project management. Billed per user per month.

Dubsado: $70/User/Month

Email automation for clients and leads. Billed per user per month.

Hubspot: $90/User/Month

Lead management and marketing tools. Typically too robust for what designers really need. Billed per user per month.

Harvest: $10.80/User/Month

Time tracking and billing a well as mileage tracking. Billed per user per month.

Smartsheet: $7.00/User/Month

A replacement for Excel, but a bit more robust. Spec sheet writing and gantt chart management. Per user per month billing.

Canva Pro: $10.00/User/Month

A great visual tool, but mostly robust for what designers really need. Need to then have products on desktop, import to canva and has a rather complex process for creating visionboards. Per user per month billing.

$993.95/Mo for a team of 5.

based on trust
+ values

At indema, we focus so much on the growth of your design firm. Of course, it’s hard to do this alone so we’ve sought the help of industry-leading partners to extend your capabilities in your design firm!

What it’s like
to collaborate

Designers love indema!
Indema helps my stay organized and gives the best support!

“Indema helps my team stay organized and track the progress for all my decorating projects. The most helpful features for my business: designer invoicing, create POs, product clipper, and the product review--AND I'm still exploring all the features that they have to offer. The support that you get from Indema is hands down, the BEST! They listen to ideas/suggestions, are responsive to questions, and help walk you through something if you need help.”

Bre O.

Interior Designer


“Indema is a new program to my business and has already made such a big difference in the way I can connect my clients with the selections I make for them. I love how clean it makes all of my forms look, and the fact that it collects source information for you saves so much time!”

Katy O.

Interior Designer

A brilliant platform for interior designers

“A brilliant platform for all aspects of the interior design process as a professional. The team are incredibly quick to solve any issues or answer any questions.”

Anya B.

Interior Designer

Introducing indema4:
Redefining Productivity.

Got Questions? Got cha covered.

One of our biggest focus’ are helping designers all over the world determine if indema is the right tool for them. So, we’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions so you don’t have to reach out! But of course, you still can if you have more questions.

What currencies does indema support?

indema is a global platform with design firms in over 15 different countries. Our platform allows you to not only work in a default currency to your home currency but also if you were to get a client in a different country, you can actually charge your client in their own currency! We’ve made this very easy for anyone in the world to use indema.

How long does indema take to get set up?

That depends on the size of your team, company, and your requirements. For most of our designers getting fully up and running with indema takes from a few days up to a few weeks – that includes importing your data (contacts, vendors, etc.), and getting to know the system. But, we are here along the way to help as much as possible.

Can I import things from my existing platform?

We’ve made it as easy as possible to migrate data from your other platform. We have import options for Clients, Vendors, Leads, Projects, Tasks, and even products! The only challenge you’d run into, is if your existing solution does not have any export options. Otherwise, it’s relatively easy to migrate!

Can I charge my clients and is there a fee?

Yes! You can charge your clients for anything! We integrated with Stripe, Paystack, Razorpay, and Paypal. We are incrementally adding integrations down the road as well to extend these capabilities. We do not charge you a fee (like competitor platforms do!). You are just charged for whatever fee the platform you choose to use charges. Typically 3% for credit card transactions and 1% for ACH.

Does indema integrate with any accounting software?

Right now indema integrates with QuickBooks Online. This is also done on an automated level meaning once you connect to QBO, all your data (Clients, Vendors, Products, and all finances) syncs automatically as you create or edit them inside indema!

How are you different?

Aside from our DNA and the values that make up who we are as a company, we have many benefits that differ from the other platforms.  We believe that there is no “better” or “worse” platform than indema! We believe a designer should write down their full design process in a checklist form, and explore the platform that checks off most of those boxes!

Is there a learning curve with indema?

With transparency being one of our core values, we have to say that this totally depends on you and how you are able to latch onto new tech! What we can also say is that it is absolutely a commitment, and if you aren’t fully ready to make a few weeks to a few months commitment (depending on your team size), indema most likely wont be the right tool for you right now.

What kind of support and training is offered?

We support all of our plans both on live chat, as well as email support. For training, we do provide a free onboarding session for every new designer, and we provide group webinar training on a weekly basis.

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