Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, the economy has gone down and things have become quite slow for businesses. For the past couple of months, everything has become quite unpredictable for everyone. Business owners are confused about whether to continue with their marketing agendas or not.

In the field of designing, experience has taught us that revenues are not dependent on encounters. However, the revenues for designers are dependent on how they build their relationships with potential clients.

Networking is very important for designers which is why even in the times when the economy has gone downand people are confined to their houses, you shouldn’t stop marketing.

This may sound strange as you may wonder why would homeowners want to hire designers when they are confined to their houses. You may not realize that you may lose potential customers with this kind of negative thinking.

You must not stop reaching out to people whom you think could be your potential customers. Homeowners may need designers when the situation changes and if you continue your marketing tactics, you would be the first one that they think of.

There are still some homeowners and business owners who are looking for designers who could take over their designing projects. Customers are using this time to make purchases and plan their designing projects so if you continue to reach out to such customers, you could get hold of some work.

There is news that homeowners are inquiring about their future projects from designers while they are also continuing work on their current projects on a slow pace.

This is the time when you can make it easy for such clients to find you and reach out to you. Make sure you modify your services according to the current situation. As everything has become available virtually, you must make sure your consultation services are also available virtually and you are available to answer all customer queries and questions through chat.

You get exciting designing projects in this time where many designers are idle with the right marketing. You can use indema to manage your designing projects effectively. Indema lets you manage client communication, documents, and everything related to your projects. This makes things very convenient for you while you work in the times of the Corona Virus pandemic.

The positive approach is all you need. It is a difficult phase for all of us but it would soon be over like every bad phase passes by. You need to rule the minds of the clients so that when they decide to design their homes and workplaces, you are the first name that comes in their minds. Many clients have sufficient savings and would want to revamp their living spaces just out of boredom or a dire need. You must reach out to them and let them know that you are available with your services.

You can do this by email campaigns, social media posting, blogs, and other marketing means that you usually use to reach out to potential clients. Let clients know, why they should use your services and reach out to you when they have other options as well.

You can get a lot of projects in this rough phase and with the use of indema, you can effectively manage your clients and projects.