Interior designers have to keep tabs on many things, their customers and the chosen designs they have given the designers, they have to manage every single customer accordingly. This can take a lot of time and effort but luckily there are things that you can do beforehand when you are about to switch to a new platform.

Indema is of course a great platform for interior designers to manage their work. It is especially great for an interior design company, to carefully and precisely put everything into a box and manage it on a micro level.

Here are things you have to do before switching to indema:

  • Have a precise plan before switching.

Your plan for switching should be technical, how and when the current platform you are using can be retired, if and when the training for the new platform, in this case indema will be given? In what sense will the team of interior designers be productive on indema as their new platform? Check the risks, clear out all the loopholes associated with the previous and the new platform you are planning to switch to.

  • Go to professional for installation and instructions.

Interior designers that are switching to this new platform need to learn the new platform from A to Z. This is going to be a huge challenge for them, and indema is no exception to this. If any issue or your gut feeling is telling you something could go wrong, call the experts of the new platform—learn about it before operating it through their guidance! indema has a service called “Business concierge” where (amongst other things) designers can get help from our team to migrate over their data from their current platform to indema. It’s a surefire way to stay busy doing things that make you money versus spending time migrating over data.

  • Communicate clearly and proactively.

Communication is key during this time. If some of the interior designers are not knowledgeable about this new platform, it could roll out some problems that might be hard to fix. When employees are not informed well, they might not be able to accept this new platform. 

  • Check out all the plans of indema.

Before switching to indema, it is wise to check what they offer, what plans they have for you as an interior designing team? Why you should choose it? What benefits it can offer you? All these need to be put under the radar before you can opt for this platform. We currently have 4 plans, which one is a completely free plan to get you started! We also have a 30-day free trial on the VIP plan so you can dig right into all the features. Sign up here, or check out our featuresand plans.

  • Develop a strong knowledge of the platform.

Indema is already quite easy to use but still, it is advisable to a business if they are migrating to it to understand the basics of it fully. Many organizations make the mistake of switching before understanding the platform. Indema also offers free onboarding session for you as an admin, as well as continued training for your team so you can focus on running your business!

  • Make sure all your documents are in place before moving them to the new platform.

Indema provides flexible managing of documents and projects, but that cannot be done unless you and your team have compiled the important documents together and arranged them before moving them to the new platform. It can be quite the challenge, but it will set your team up for future success and can save you immense time.

  • Make a final deadline to switch.

Switching to indema can be the best thing you can do, but setting a deadline to understand the platform can keep your interior designing staff on their feet and always on the run. It can make them proactive. 

When should you move?

You should move to the new platform when you cannot manage your projects easily. When you feel like you do not have full control of the given projects that you are attending to. When the previous platform cannot let you add products to the project you have. If the previous platform is not helping you manage all the relationship aspects between you and your employees, as well as your business finances.