A platform built by a designer, for the design community.

We want to build a different type of company that’s focused not only on the bottom line, but also the happiness of our customers and team, and our personal growth along the journey. Here are the values that collectively guide our decisions and actions:

[The following is from our Founder: Timothy’s work journal] “During our branding meeting (it was Stephen and myself), we were just throwing out words. While understanding we eventually wanted to be the ultimate all-in-one, we needed something catchy but simple. We started with ‘Interior Designer Platform’, but eh. Then, it was ‘the interior design management platform’, but surely that was way too long.

What does "indema" mean?

Then, we came across ‘Interior Design Management’. This fit, its easy to understand, and all-encompassing. But was still too long. Then I used the first letters “IDM”, but that was too close to IBM and we didn’t like it. Then we thought: let’s use the first two. INDEMA. And that’s how we were born! It immediately clicked and we both smiled. So, INterior DEsign MAnagement is what INDEMA stands for.” -Timothy

Our Values

Always Positivity

  • We approach things in a positive way while understanding all emotions are valid.
  • We avoid non-constructive criticism.
  • We assume the best of others.
  • We push through any artificial harmony to work towards a better environment, product or concept.

Default To Transparency

  • We view transparency as a lifestyle of truth and honesty.
  • We view transparency as a tool to help our customers.
  • We share early in the decision process to avoid big issues or challenges.

Ego At The Door

  • We consider the bigger picture, knowing our work goes beyond who we are.
  • We seek balance by taking into account multiple views and listening carefully.
  • We advocate for diverse cultures and views to make our team and products stronger.
  • We work to create an inclusive environment to build a better company and set a positive example for the world we live in.

Communicate With Clarity

  • We don’t make assumptions, and we ask questions to clarify.
  • We ensure our customer understands us clearly to prevent confusion.
  • We make sure that whatever we say, is carefully thought of before stated.

Make Time To Reflect

  • We believe the act of introspection is where true learning adjustments originate.
  • We approach discussions intentionally and think through all scenarios.
  • We listen first and then listen more: seeking first to understand, then to be understood.
  • We step back from the day-to-day and reflect on overall themes that will make an impact on our world, and customer.

Doing The Right Thing

  • We always choose the right thing. It’s not about who is wrong or who is right.
  • We ensure that our decisions are made off the basis of treating everyone equally.
  • We embrace differences, and understand we all have these differences.

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