indema Training

Weekly Trainings

Each week, indema hosts a training session for all users, free of charge! Our training are group-oriented and not one-on-one training. Below, you will find the training schedule geared towards a specific topic.

Each session is held every week:

Thursdays at 9am PST
1-hour long sessions
With 20-minute Q+A

How to register

Click on the register button below, and you should select the date you want to attend which corresponds with the topic of that class.

October 2022 Schedule

Creating Contracts

October 13 - 9am PST

We will review not only creating contract templates, but also how to apply those templates and send to your clients.

Email Automations

October 20 - 9am PST

Let's create amazing templates, and set up a full email automation for your leads within indema!

Stunning Visionboards

October 27 - 9am PST

Creating visionboards to bring your vision to life with indema! Let's create one together and show you how easy it is!

November 2022 Schedule

Sourcing All Your Products

November 3 - 9am PST

In this training, we will show you how to source the most efficient way in indema. Even creating a spec package to download w/ tearsheets.

Process Mapping indema

November 10 - 9am PST

Get your notebook ready... Because we will be talking about processes and mapping this to indema.

Project Templates

November 17 - 9am PST

Let's discuss what project templates are, how to use them effectively, and organize them for success.

December 2022 Schedule

Creating a merged invoice/estimate

December 1 - 9am PST

Creating a merged estimate/invoice for your clients is super easy. This covers general, as well as timelog invoices.

Project Discussions to organize convos.

December 8 - 9am PST

In this training, we use project discussions to organize your conversations with your team and your clients!

January 2023 Schedule

Starting Projects


In this training, we will show you how to begin your projects, and excel in managing your projects within indema.

Estimates / Invoices / PO's


In this training, we show you the amazing automation between creating an estimate and how this looks to the client!

Perfecting Task Management


Managing tasks can be daunting. So, we will take you on a journey from project templates to managing all your tasks and time.