The Ultimate Designer Checklists are a series of very detailed checklists for various parts of a project.
This covers two types of checklists: Detailed and simple. The simple version simply breaks down each area to work on, as an example: Plumbing: Faucet Style. Whereas, the detailed version will break this down into the types of faucets there are. This gives you a full understanding of the types of materials you can choose, and select the one you want. This is also a fully edited version with lifetime updates.
This covers:
– Kitchen reno Detailed
– Kitchen reno Simplified
– Bathroom reno Detailed
– Bathroom reno Simplified
– Bedroom Detailed
– Bedroom Simplified
– Living Room Detailed
– Living Room Simplified
– Dining Room Detailed
– Dining Room Simplified
– Office  Detailed
– Office Simplified
– Business checklist
– Vendor account checklist
– Project Kickoff + goals
– After the Project checklist
–  Employee hiring checklist
–  SOP checklist (NOT actual SOP!
* The google sheets editable version comes with lifetime edits. So if we ever add any rooms or additional checklist items, we simply edit the master sheet which by default will allow you to create a new copy of the updated one. 🙂


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