As a busy designer, there are times you just wish you had a template for that email you need to write. And of course, that takes time, too, formulating an email template or a bunch of them. At indema, we are invested in your growth the same way you are! Here are 63 professionally written templates for various client encounters.

Our expert copywriters formulated a set of 63 email templates for you to use. These cover the following scenerios:

  • Initial interest
  • Schedule Consultation
  • Consultation confirmation
  • Consult Reminder
  • Sales FAQ
  • Thank you for consult
  • Presentation progress
  • Proposal sent to client
  • No response from proposal 1
  • No response from proposal 2
  • No response from proposal final
  • Dead lead
  • Welcome to the family
  • Your Welcome packet
  • Contract and deposit
  • Setting expectations
  • Anticipated schedule
  • Portal login
  • Project kickoff
  • Weekly update
  • Schedule Design presentation
  • Presentation confirmation
  • Presentation thank you
  • Next steps
  • Design presentation ready (EDesign)
  • Design presentation revision (EDesign)
  • Quick Update
  • Project Delay
  • Meeting postponed 1
  • Meeting postponed 2
  • Estimate reminder
  • Invoice reminder
  • Invoice past due
  • Hours reached
  • Different route
  • Order delays
  • Project delays
  • Additional work
  • Contract termination
  • Contract violation
  • Contractor: Issue
  • Contractor: Status
  • Client: Texting after hours
  • Client: They are shopping
  • Negotiating fee
  • Re-Aligning scope
  • Out of office
  • Vendor inquiry
  • Thanks for hiring/Referral
  • Feedback
  • Warranty
  • Review Request
  • Additional Work Suggest

In addition to the above, for every email, we include 3 subject suggestions per email so you don’t have to think about those! These subject lines have high click rates!

NOTE: This email template is designed to assist you in saving time. It is important to note that it does not include any additional content such as a welcome packet, contract or any other documentation. As the provider of services to your clients, it is your responsibility to provide them with a comprehensive welcome packet, contract or other content for which this email template is about which is not included in this download.


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