There are many benefits to partnering with indema!

As a partner, you’ll have access to exceptional resources, training, and support to grow your practice alongside indema. With indema, you can be the superpower behind your customer’s success, while we have your back and support you along the way. Not to mention, an extra source of income!

Trusted Advisor

Earn client trust by showcasing your skillset within the indema ecosystem to help them grow.

Diversify your services

Add an additional revenue stream by offering onboarding and implementation services to your portfolio.

Client Support

Offer additional support structures to your clients to drive their success and yours!

Who is the partnership program for?

indema is partnering forces with industry experts to innovate work practices and establish mutual business growth for us and the clients we serve. Some of our partners include:

  • Interior design virtual assistants
  • Interior design business mentors
  • Consultants for design firms
  • Business implementation specialists

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