Onboarding W/ indema

Self-onboarding $0

Free self-onboarding is available for everyone! This includes a 1 hour onboarding session with our team.

  • Personalized Onboarding session - 1 HR
  • Additional Training - $50/Hr
  • Over 100 self-help articles
  • How-To Videos

Standard $699

Our standard onboarding are for smaller teams that dont need as much hand-holding throughout the process of setting up. One time fee.

  • Setting up indema and integrations - 1 HR
  • Business process mapping - 2 HR
  • Data import analysis - 1 HR
  • Admin and team trainings - 4 HR

Pro $1,200

For larger teams and a more stretegic approach. Of course with added benefits of more hours to help your team! One time fee.

  • Setting up indema and integrations - 2 HR
  • Business process mapping - 4 HR
  • Data import analysis - 1 HR
  • Admin and team trainings - 8 HR

Setting up indema and integrations

Save time and energy by doing things the right way from the get-go and steer clear of errors. We’ll assist and advise on the necessary initial preparations for a successful launch of new software in your firm.

Business process mapping

Find out how to spend less time on insignificant activities and be more efficient in your everyday work. We’ll map and evaluate your team’s workflow and main pain points, consult on how to optimize and work more efficiently with indema.

Data import analysis

Avoid troubleshooting by leaving complex data analysis to the experts. We’ll assist you with cleaning and organizing your historic data to fit indema. Also; assist with organizing your existing spreadsheets into an indema template that you can import.

Admin and team trainings

Get the most out of indema and learn how to do things the smart way by getting personalized training sessions for management, specialists and power users.

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