indema Concierge Services

Think of us as your personal design firm experts. We spend several hours with you right off the bat to understand how your business works and how to fit Indema into it. We make recommendations, map out your process, and then take all of the information we gather to completely set up your Indema account.

Our Goals

  • Ensure that Indema fits your processes
  • Customize all settings and import all desired details/information
  • Minimize the lag time to keep your business running
  • Help you develop SOPs to keep you and your team operating on the same page
  • Provide personalized training

Other Services offered

Hannah’s team not only offers concierge services for indema, but her team also handles services outside of indema that further excel your design firm! They are your partner without equity.


Drafting of “To-Scale” floorplans in Chief Architect Software.

3D Renderings

3D Renderings of your interior spaces to help your clients visualize.


2D visual boards to help your clients visualize the space you’re designing.


We create stunning presentations to bring to your client meetings.

indema certification

Hannah Bowyer + Company is confirmed and certified to train, set up, and maintain the indema platform as set forth by our team. We have certified that Hannah Bowyer and her team excel in the implementation, training and everything encompassing the indema platform, and are more than capable of doing so.

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