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We've made a kick-ass tool for designers, and only designers. <3

Manage Clients

Manage your client's contact info, project info and give them access to follow along on your projects.

Manage Vendors

Keep a list of all your vendors you work with and their contact information.

Manage Leads

Manage the lead cycle for your perspective clients.

Keep track of vendors

With vendor info, you can also keep track of your vendor account logins.

Lead Pipeline

Collect leads right from your website, and auto-import to indema. Track your lead lifecycle to keep up with new projects.

Client Portal

Our client portal is easy to use, amazing user-interface and redily available to your clients.

Manage Employees

Assign tasks to employees, track their performance, and be able to approve their time off requests or attendance.

Track Attendance

Employees can clock in, clock out, request time off, an even generate pay statements for payroll.


See how your employees are doing with task and project tracking and performance.

Roles + Permissions

Set specific View, Update, Add, and delete permissions and custom roles for each employee.

Customize employee portal

Show only what you want your employees to see by customizing their portal.

Manage their time

See every time log the employees track for each project.

Project Templates

Easily add tasks and summaries to your projects to help kickoff projects faster.


Send contracts to your clients and have them execute them with their mouse or track pad.

Task Management

Create, Assign and track time for tasks. View tasks in Kanban board view to easily assign status'

Set different rates

Set different hourly rates for each member and even for each project.

Source + Manage Products

Manage 27 different touch points with products, and use our browser clipper to source faster.

Client Communication

Communicate with clients with ease. Project Forums, messaging, and even task comments

Tear sheets + Spec Packages

Create individual project tear sheets, and specification packages. Fully branded to your brand


Create milestones (phases) and attach tasks, collect flat-rate payments and organize your project.

Project Files

Share files with your clients. All without any storage limitations.

Project financials

Get an overview of your project financials right on the project dashboard.

Time Logs

Easily track time logs, and bill clients for time on projects with the click of a button.

Gantt + Burndown Charts

Manage your projects even more with our Gantt chart and Burndown chart- All automated so you do less work.

Automated Time Management

Track your time automatically with our time tracker.

Manual Time Management

Manually enter in your tracked time so you can bill your clients.

Generate Reports

Time log report, Task report, and even project status report.

Send invoices + get paid

Send invoices for products, services, and time. Get paid with our Stripe or Paypal integrations


Send estimates to your clients, they can approve or decline each line item and physically sign the estimates.

Purchase Orders

Estimates and invoices will auto-convert to PO's. Manage PO status' and send to your vendors


Signed estimates will automatically convert to invoices and Purchase Orders. All while auto-syncing to Quickbooks.

Deposit Requests

Don't want to charge your client full price yet? Send them a deposit request.

Time Log Billing

Easily bill your clients with the click of a button for tme you've tracked for your projects.


Generate a finance report, as well as expense vs income report.

Collect Payments

Collect payments from your clients with Stripe or Paypal. No fee's from indema!

Quickbooks Integration

With Quickbooks, all your clients, vendors, products and finances sync automatically. No clicking buttons.

Item lists in board

Create your board and keep track of items you add to it!

Product library

We not only use your own product library, but you can also upload images from the web to use.

Additional tools

Crop images, rotate, delete, remove background, add text, change board dimensions, bring forward and backwards and export.

Remove Backgrounds

Our state-of-the-art background remover triumpts photoshop. With one click and 4 seconds.

Share it with clients

Share your visionboard with your clients with a shareable link.

Add a background

Add a static background for your visionboard and create 2D rooms.


indema is fully secured and backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) on the most secure server we could get.

Most affordable

With a fully remote team, we are able to keep indema the most affordable platform on the market for the value we provide.

Best support team

Designers LOVE our support. With quick responses, and we even add features because designers ask for them!


Embed a bookable calendar on your site, and collect payment from you clients for consults.

Social Media - COMING SOON

Schedule Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business, and LinkedIn posts right inside indema.

Order Tracking - COMING SOON

Track every moment of your orders and manage warehouse operations for when they arrive.

Google Calendar

Integrate with your google calendar. Add meetings to indema and it show on google!

Zoom Integration

Schedule zoom calls right within indema, and laucnh them right within indema.

Dark/light mode

Don't strain your eyes. Switch to dark mode!

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