4-Course Bundle

We’re super excited to announce the next phase in indema- Providing continuing education to designers and their teams. Our 4-course bundle is launching on February 1, and all of the details can be found below! Hurry, though, when they launch our pricing will increase to have access to the courses!

// What's Included

There are 4 amazing courses included in this bundle.

✅ Find more clients + increase project workflow (5 Modules)
– This course is geared towards helping you find your marketing strategy as a designer, using your network as a backbone and how to find and retain clients that fit your target audience.

✅ Increasing Your Profits as a designer (5 Modules)
– We dig deep into the pros and cons of the different pricing strategies, marketing and sales techniques to sell easier, streamlining your process and diversifying your offerings.

✅ Efficient and effective project management (10 Modules)
– In this course, we talk about effective project management to ensure project success. This forward-thinking course looks at 10 different modules to effectively manage each phase of your projects.

✅  SEO for beginners- Get in front of more clients (5 Modules)
– We understand SEO is annoying, confusing, and can be overwhelming. But, we provide a jam-packed course in bite-sized modules for you to become more acquainted with SEO. Hint: it’s not as bad as it seems! And, it can be fun!

// The New Community

You also get early-access to our online community platform!

In this community area you will get access to:

💥  Exclusive free courses, workshops, training, and resources not available anywhere else.

💥  Our community discussion spaces are where you can ask questions, get feedback on things you’re working on, share your projects, and collaborate with other like-minded designers and even get help sourcing products!

💥  Workshops, Q&A sessions and direct access to indema’s founder, Timothy for help, questions, and free mentoring!

// About The Host

Timothy is the founder of Indema and has been an entrepreneur since the age of 13. He has successfully run four businesses, three of which he sold, and has also worked as an interior designer for 13 years. With two decades of experience as a business owner, Timothy is well-qualified to share his knowledge and insights on entrepreneurship, including both his successes and failures.

His teaching style is informal, relaxed, and straightforward, and he is open to helping anyone who is seeking guidance and support for their own business endeavors. Timothy has an open-door policy and is committed to supporting the success of his students.

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