Join the indema journey!


What is indema?

indema is an online platform that is set to help designers streamline their business and project workflows. We not only help designers do this, but we help designers reach their maximum potential by having to not worry about using 5 different platforms and workflows to get their job done!

indema started in 2020 and has grown substantially to building a suite of tools that currently serve thousands of designers around the world.

How to Submit Your Interest

At indema, we are consistently guided by our core values. We allow our employees to have the job they see fit for their best skillset. This means, creating a position that you feel you not only would be amazing at, but also that you’ll enjoy doing while traveling with us on our journey to be the tool designers love to use.

// Requirements for submitting

We want to be sure we fully understand what you are proposing. So we require the following information to be submitted for consideration.

  1. A recently updated resume.
  2. A cover letter – Custom, make this shine.
  3. A letter to the team explaining the role, the name of the role, and how you feel indema designers would benefit from this role!

Once submitted, our team will take a look and invite you for an interview if we like what we see! We will also let you know if it’s not something we find would be a good fit. We want to be sure this will work for you too! Please email all required documents to Careers@indema.co.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!