High Point Market is the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world, attracting more than 75,000 attendees and 1,600 exhibitors from around the globe. It is a must-attend event for anyone in the interior design industry, offering unparalleled access to the latest and greatest products and trends in the market for interior designers and even manufacturers!

For interior designers, attending the High Point Market can be a game changer. Not only can they discover new products and connect with vendors, but they can also get the best deals for their clients. Here’s 4 ways to completely take advantage of High-point.

  1. Exclusive discounts and offers: Many vendors at the High Point Market offer exclusive discounts and deals to attendees. These can range from special pricing on bulk orders to free shipping on select items. By taking advantage of these offers, interior designers can save their clients money and make their projects more cost-effective.

    Yeah of course as a designer you already get stellar discounts. Typically with HPMKT, you are given even better deals for attending the event.
  2. Early access to new products: The High Point Market is the perfect place to discover the latest and greatest products in the furnishings industry. Interior designers can get a sneak peek at new collections and place orders before the products are available to the general public. This allows them to provide their clients with unique, high-quality products that no one else has.
  3. Networking opportunities: The High Point Market is also an excellent opportunity for interior designers to network with other industry professionals. Attendees can connect with other designers, vendors, and manufacturers, forming valuable partnerships that can lead to future business opportunities. By building a strong network, interior designers can access a wider range of products and services, and gain valuable insights into the industry.
  4. Inspiration and education: The High Point Market is not just about shopping. It also offers a wide range of educational seminars, workshops, and design events, providing interior designers with the opportunity to learn from industry experts and stay up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques. Attendees can also take inspiration from the thousands of products on display, gaining fresh ideas for their own projects.

The High Point Market is a valuable resource for interior designers looking to get the best deals for their clients. By attending the event, they can discover new products, take advantage of exclusive offers, network with industry professionals, and stay inspired and educated. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a rising star in the interior design world, the High Point Market is an event you don’t want to miss.