As a busy designer, there are times you just wish you had a template for that email you need to write. And of course, that takes time, too, formulating an email template or a bunch of them. At Indema, we are invested in your growth the same way you are! Here are 3 of our favorite templates for various client encounters. At the bottom, feel free to download 63 email templates you can use!

Email TEMPLATE 1: Initial Interest / Schedule Phone Call

Subject Suggestion 1: Congratulations on your project! 
Subject Suggestion 2: So lovely to e-meet you! Let’s chat more. 
Subject Suggestion 3: Congrats on the first step!

Hello [Insert Client Name],
Thank you so much for reaching out to [Insert design firm name] about your project!

We’re so thrilled to chat with you more about your needs and would love to set up the first phone call. During this call, we’ll quickly chat about what you’re looking for, and see when’s a good time to schedule our first design consultation.

Looking at my schedule, I have [Insert day], [insert month, year] at [insert time], or, I can do [Insert day], [insert month, year] at [insert time]. Which option works best for you?

Looking forward to the amazing things we can do for your project! Best,

When to use: An initial interest email can be used as the first line of communication from a potential client seeking more information. This is your initial grab email to get them to do an action you want them.

Why we chose to not have you insert your calendar link? Because it leaves your client having to do work, and makes it more complex for them. Maybe they’re too busy to go out of their email client. Giving them options and leaving it an open-ended email allows the client to engage with you.

Subject suggestions show that you are excited for their contact, and makes them feel all tingly inside.

Template 2: SALES- FAQ Email

Subject Suggestion 1: We get it… There are questions! 
Subject Suggestion 2: Wanted to share this with you… 
Subject Suggestion 3: Have you had any of these questions?

Hello [Insert Client Name],

Hiring a designer can sometimes be daunting. We get it! Which is exactly why I wanted to share these top 3 FAQs that come from past client’s we’ve had. While there maybe many more (and we’re happy to answer them!), these are the top 3 we get on a consistent basis! Of course, if you have anymore questions you are more than welcome to reach out to us!

1. How much does a designer cost, anyway!?

Every designer works differently, but it’s important to know that we charge based on the scope of work and size of your project! Not every project will cost the same. But we will take our time to ensure that you are in the know!

2. Will you design based off my style?

YES! Absolutely! This, of course, your space and sanctuary! Everything we do is to enhance the way you live in your own environment.

3. How long does a typical project last?

This is a tough question! Each project is so unique and has timelines that can sometimes change. We do, however, try to estimate as accurately as possible and will relay that information to you so you can plan ahead!

Got a burning question?! Shoot us an email by replying! We’re happy to answer any other questions you have about working with a designer.


When to use: This is a sales-based email. Generally, you’d add this to your existing email campaign for any new sign-ups to your newsletter.

Template 3: Project Kickoff

Subject Suggestion 1: GRAB THE HAMMER!! 
Subject Suggestion 2: Alright! Let’s get started!!
Subject Suggestion 3: Project is kicking off!

Hello [Insert Client Name],

Can you believe we’re about to embark on an amazing journey to creating the best space you’ve ever lived in?! We wanted to just say thank you one more time before we kick off the project. So, THANK YOU!

Now, here’s what’s next!
1. [Perhaps schedule a first project meeting]
2. [Talk about your process]
3. [Talk next steps or what a project kickoff is for your firm]

And, like always, if you have any questions I’m just a call or email away. 🙂 Thank you again!


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