Due to the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic, many customers went into total isolation and stopped all their activities that involved letting other people in their homes and offices.  It has been a couple of months since the virus has affected the world. While some people are following the precautionary measures fully, others may not have waited for the all-clear indication.

There is news in the designing industry that some of the potential clients are proceeding with their designing and renovation projects before the government would announce an all-clear signal. E-Designing is on the rise! And you should jump on that train.

This is good news for all the designers who are in search of work. These customers are getting inquiries for their projects from designers and suppliers. There are a variety of changes and upgrades homeowners need now in their workplaces and residences. These comprise of small as well as full-blown projects of designing the entire room or multiple rooms.

Whether small or big, indema.co can be a good companion for you as a designer to ease the management of such projects and keeping your monthly cost for project management low.

Clients have been confined to their houses for months now. If they don’t know what they want in their freshly renovated houses or workplaces, they do know what is improper in their living spaces and working areas. So, designers would have to come up with new ideas that could satisfy them.

It is clear that the needs of homeowners have changed over a couple of months. The living styles have changed and as designers, you should be prepared to provide customers with designing solutions as per the new living standards. There will be a lot of questions and inquiries regarding health and safety measures which as designers you shall prepare to answer.

Moreover, as the deadly virus spread it caused major damage to the economy globally. Most of the population is using their savings and others are struggling to earn. In such circumstances, customers may have become cost-conscious. They would not want to spend too much on their homes or offices which is why you must keep your project’s charges affordable.

The good news is you now manage your accounting and project effectively with indema.co. As the economy is down, clients may only want to get important renovations done like updating and revamping their work from home places and improving their homes so that a healthier and safer living standard can be improvised.

However, there may be some clients who may have become tired of looking at the same furniture and walls. They would require a fresh look. There may be requests for remodeling of homeowner’s master bathrooms and fitness rooms as people now are spending more time at home.

The demands and needs of clients are different from what they were before the spread of the virus. However, while homeowners are demanding renovations they may try to lower the designing rates and markups while taking advantage of the fact that designers need to work.

However, you must stick to the rates that are worth your skills and expertise while effectively managing their projects. In this stressful time, you can use indema.co as a designer to manage all your projects and clients, while growing your sales.