Having a solid process for your interior design clients and projects is crucial to the success of the project and client relationship! Over the years, your design process will change and you will have to naturally adjust it when things don’t go as you originally planned, but it’s important to have a set of guidelines to follow when transforming a space.

The design process is arguably the most important part of a project because it makes you become more organized throughout the whole project. Here is a process that we highly recommend exploring if you want to get ahead of your project!

It All Starts With A Design Consultation

Their client’s home transformation begins with an in-home consultation. We meet with the client at their home to review their current situation and to discuss all of their wishes and plans for the space(s). We’re all ears in the beginning and take copious notes based on what the client show and tell us. We then make suggestions as to what we feel will create a better and more functional living environment; some changes could be implemented right away, such as repositioning furniture or editing accessories, others might require more follow-up such as detailed drawings and furniture plans.

The consultation also follows a strict process depending on the type of project, but for a home renovation and traditional interior design, the process is as follows:

Initial Meeting (10 Mins)- This is your time to SHINE… First impressions make all the difference. We chat about our firm, what we have done in the past and explain the design process with them which is on the following pages.

Walk-through (35 Mins)- Depending on the size of the project, we will walk through every space and discuss the clients’ expectations, what they want to see change, what they want to keep, and we take a ton (A TON!) of images. At this point, we don’t even take good ones, we just take pics to jog our memory when we do the design proposal.

Last-minute Q&A (15 Mins)- After the walk-through, we discuss money and timeline with the client as well as the budget. We will also answer any questions the client has and try to obtain a deposit. 9/10 times, the client wants to think about moving forward. We lessen that risk by offering to put the consultation fee ($250) towards the project if they make their decision then.

The Design Process

Project Initiation Phase 
STEP 1Consultation with your client – Definitely bring the contractor if you can. If not, bring the contractor on the measurements meeting.
STEP 2The signing of the agreement, receipt of retainer, and commencement of the project
Research, Design, Presentation 
STEP 3Trade Day: on site measurements, photos and final criteria meeting. Great day (alternative to Step 1) to bring your GC or any trades.
STEP 4Design + Docs: Execution of floor plans and elevations, sourcing goods and services, procuring estimates
STEP 5Presentation: Visual display of furnishings and materials, presentation of estimates, collection of deposits for products sourced.
Project Fulfillment Phase Phase 
STEP 6Order Placement: delivery lead time assessment
STEP 7Budget & Progress Review, scope review and approval for construction
STEP 8Initiation of construction and renovation by General Contractor
STEP 9Installation period. Orders received, products are inspected and tagged.
STEP 10Furniture Installation and Styling after construction is complete – two cleaning sessions by pro cleaners prior to delivery.
STEP 11Final touches – Final cleaning.
STEP 12Client Reveal + Deficiencies: Identified and resolved (Blue tape with client)
STEP 13Project Closure Meeting: presentation of final invoices
STEP 14Thank you & Project Completion: presentation of client binder