When the founder of indema, Timothy Murenzi, was designing; the biggest challenge he faced aside from business and project management side, was finding the right people to help grow the brand. His mentor always told him: You are only as good as your resources! From that day on, he spent countless hours growing his network and even then still ran into challenges with finding the right people to get things done.

Resorting to places like FiverrUpWork, and even freelancers from different countries! Consistently having to change them because it just never really worked out the way that the brand needed it to work out. Enter Interior Designher.

They’re not marketers or business coaches or MBAs. They actually own & operate a boutique residential interior designcompany in Toronto, Canada and are very successful. And like most interior designers, They were much better at the interior design side of the business than at accounting, marketing, human resources, etc. They felt an obligation to the industry to help.

Unfortunately, as SMALL business owners, we can’t afford to focus exclusively on interior design & ignore the “business” side of the business. That’s why they created Interior Designher as a place where interior designers can learn how to build their brand & grow their business with help from business specialists & honest talk with fellow interior designers who are successful at this exact thing.

Interior Designher is going to be an amazing community-oriented platform to help designers get the help they need to grow. The right way. Sign up today to be notified when they launch!

Image Credit: https://www.robbandcompany.com
Interior Designher Website: http://interiordesignher.com