The best kind of trade for interior designers is the only place where they can get furniture, designs, wall art, and other decoration pieces etc. at the best price and the best thing is, they are right in front of them. Some of the latest interior designing related things are on show in these design showrooms.  Another reason why showrooms are great is that you can see the latest design ideas in these design showrooms. You can go and see if certain designs appeal to you or not. These design showrooms are there for you to experience them at the core. 

Design showrooms have the latest trends which they showcase. Therefore, many companies showcase their latest designs in home décor through these showrooms. Interior designers and people that want to reinvent their officers or homes go to these showrooms for this reason.

Where can one find these showrooms? 

These showrooms are not that hard to find. They are basically everywhere in the US. The Decoration & Design (D&D)hosts these design showrooms for interior designers and homeowners. Design showrooms are there to do business, it is not like a mall, you go there to buy things, do business, make trades. Searching on Google can make you find them easily. Try using keyword searches like “Interior design trade showroom in [your city]”.

What do design showrooms offer?

Design showrooms offer many things, they are the following:

  • Right kind of pricing.

Design showrooms offer the perfect pricing. Why is it called perfect pricing? Well, for the simple fact that the prices of the things over there are the retail prices, you can get good prices if you visit design showrooms. If you are a buyer, you can go to these design showrooms and meet expert interior designers to gauge what will work best for your office or home, that you are trying to redesign.

  • New products on the market.

The design showrooms will have the latest products as mentioned earlier. They will have blinders of new kinds, another thing that they will have is the samples, samples of products that are yet to come. So many interior designers and homeowners can go there, see these designs that are shown their as samples and try to redo those designs by themselves. 

  • You can get hi-res images of the showrooms.

The best thing about the design showrooms is that, even if you cannot buy furniture, curtains, sheets etc. you can take a hi-resolution image of the showrooms with you. That way, you can at least replicate what you liked and even design it by yourself if you are an interior designer. Most designers even take images of products for reference later especially if they have an open project that the piece would be perfect in.

  • They offer lectures on designs.

Design showrooms give free lectures on what complements another thing in interior designing, you can learn a lot by just sitting through a lecture there. Most lectures are free during the showroom open times, but there are also some paid ones that offer more value to them.

  • On the go consultation.

Many interior designers take their clients with them here to reassure them of the new products, of the fashion sense they are going for their office or home, or make them interact with other professionals to get a sense of what they want out for themselves. You can get expert consolation on the go if you visit a design showroom.

Aside from being the best trade, design showrooms host a lot of other benefits as mentioned above. Visiting them can really make you more knowledgeable about things that you didn’t know before, even as an interior designer.