Running an interior design firm is such a daunting task. You are running a business, and also designing space(s) for your clients and managing those projects, trades professionals and the list is just simply endless. Aside from indema helping you manage these processes, your marketing should also be on automation.

Here are 10 must-do interior design marketing strategies.

  1. 1. Get your business cards ordered and ready! This seems like a no-brainer. But it’s so amazing how this simple task can be easily overseen. Business cards are your potential client’s first impression of your design firm. There are many places to look for cards, but more importantly, look at the quality. is a great resource for AMAZING quality business cards that will be sure to drop jaws! Check out their LUXE business card, with it’s velvet texture finish.
  2. 2. Self-Circle promotion. Tell the world! Some may disagree that telling your friends and family is a bad thing because they might want to hire you or use your services and expect you to give them a discount. This is all up to you, but use your own social circle to help promote you! They will tell their family and friends, and hopefully, you will get some business out of it initially.
  3. 3. Offer free or discounted services to friends and/or family. This is kind of contrary to the above, depending on how you feel. But if you don’t mind, this is an amazing way to build your portfolio! By doing the initial projects free or discounted, it allows you to get your feet wet and get some portfolio pieces.
  4. 4. Partner with a local general contractor: This is a really great option to also get money for working on projects in addition to growing your portfolio! The contractor also is at a win with this scenario because they can say they have a designer on staff to help with their projects. Be sure to consider going into an agreement with the GC!
  5. 5. Start a Blog! Blogging is a great way to gain SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website! Offer How-To articles on specific things that show you are an expert in what you do!
  6. 6. Network at local business events: Networking will almost always yield projects for you! Consider joining local chapters with your city community planning department to host webinars with the community, or even consider joining a network organization like BNI (Business Network International), though this cost money and you should consider your budget.
  7. 7. Get active on Social Media! Social media brings in a lot of business for some, especially if you are an e-designer. Use scheduling tools like Later, and content creation tools like Crello or Canva to create your content. Taking just 2 hours a month scheduling all of your social media content can mean getting clients!
  8. 8. Get your business listed on local networks! List your business EVERYWHERE you can! Yelp, Bing, Google, Apple Maps, and just about any other place you can think of! You can even use services to list in multiple directories at one time using a platform like YEXT!
  9. 9. Sponsor a local charity or event: If your budget allows, sponsor a local charity or holiday event! One designer we know hosted a holiday wreath building workshop where the community built their own door wreath! It was such a success and the community absolutely loved it!
  10. 10. List your business on Help a Reporter Out (HARO) This is a huge opportunity to get some Public Relations! It’s easy to sign up and you can get emails from reporters needing a story. This is a perfect opportunity for you to showcase perhaps a high-tech addition to a project you did, or a focus on sustainability.

All of these tools (plus some!) can be used to increase not only your online presence, but also help you get projects and more work. Market on!