Designers all over are flocking to use virtual assistants like Hannah Bowyer to help them delegate tasks and help the designer focus more on what they love doing: Designing! In this post, we talk about how VA’s like Hannah are able to help designers maximize their time AND profits.

Hannah is a virtual assistant for designers, but not just that! In her own words: I don’t want our relationship to just be a list of tasks that need to be completed. My desire is to understand your processes, your ideal clients and how I can best serve you.” This is when you’ve found a stellar VA and one that doesn’t see what they do as a “JOB”. 

So, what does a VA even do?! That depends! When it comes to Hannah, her services span from creating moodboards (AKA Visionboards), AutoCAD drafting, and even creating 3D renderings for your projects. I’m sure she can do a lot more! But her core services are that she feels most comfortable doing. 

Why Hire A Virtual Assistant?

There are many advantages to hiring virtual assistants. Some of the main benefits are: 

Experience: A virtual assistant (Especially Hannah!) may specialize in a particular area or have the ability to perform many different tasks relating to that industry or field. They are likely to have valuable experience working for different types of companies, as well as the ability to adapt to different ways those companies work. This makes them an ideal partner because of the value they bring forth with that experience. 

No physical space is required: When you hire a normal employee you have to either worry about making sure their remote space is ok, but also if you don’t do remote work, you now have to ensure you have a physical office location especially if you don’t work out of your home. This leads to an enormous overhead for your design firm. When you hire a VA, it’s like having an employee, but not having the additional overhead that comes with it! Win win! 

It saves time and money: Likewise to the above point, it does save time and money! And time=money especially in the interior design world! You often don’t have to go through a lengthy recruitment or interview process, and this also saves you time to focus. You also don’t really have to spend the time training them! Especially VA’s like Hannah where they are specialized in the industry and know exactly what you want. A new employee doesnt have that leisure unless you hire the experience and pay the salary. 

It can increase your productivity and customer response time: By hiring a virtual assistant, you can increase your productivity and ensure that clients receive timely responses and especially, clients are receiving a timely response for their projects. 

So… Where can you find Hannah? Check it: 

Email: Hello@ 

Let her know indema sent you!