Even if your interior designing business is the most successful one in the industry, there is probably still room for growth, betterment, and improvement.

Advertise your Brand:

You should always keep your mind open to change and new ideas.

Renew your Business Cards and Signature Line:

Your business card shows any labels and titles you’ve achieved such as PMP, NCIDQ, LEED, or professional memberships such as ASID and IIDA. These should be listed on your cards.

Your card’s design must be unique to catch your potential client’s attention. Ensure that your email addresses and all your contact information are mentioned on it. Your signature line should be in line with your card as well.

Update your Social Accounts:

Surely, you have already granted your business an online presence on these social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Houzz, and Pinterest. And if not, you better get working on it!

Make sure that your profiles, backgrounds, and headers are regularly updated.

You can use these platforms to not only connect with clients, but also other professionals in your line of work.

Update your Online Presence and Digital Portfolio:

Your website and blog should always be up to date. No old posts, no old pictures, and no old content. Keep these updated to make a good impression to anyone viewing your content online.

Renovate your Website:

Constantly keep an eye on your website and be sure to refresh it if it does not work on mobile devices. It needs to be easy for the client to get to your contact information on your website. Be sure to refurbish it every year at the least.

Get in touch with a web designer and have them help you create a modern, user-friendly website.

Participate in Public Events:

Speak at interior design events. Participate in panel discussions. This can get you to show yourself as a professional company and maybe even get some public/press representation.

Take part in semester portfolio reviews at a college or two! This will allow you to meet more interior designing experts and you might even get a chance to hire fresh graduates for your business.

Press publishing:

Start a blog or update it if you already have one. Flaunt your writing skills to attract clients and writers that would want to publish your writings in their articles. This way you can get more public representation.

Know your Competition:

Be aware of your competitors and research about their work. Educate yourself about what you have in common and what you don’t, what are you doing better than them and what are they doing better than you.

You can then use this information to improve your skills and prove to your clients that your company is the better option to fulfill their interior designing needs.

Interact with your Clients:

Attend local Chamber of Commerce meetings, host a happy hour at your office, add client reviews on your website, and join groups that can get you clients in the future.

All of this can help you meet more people and attract more clients and customers towards your business.

There’s Always More to Learn:

Interior designing is a vast and growing field and you can never learn everything about it. Take classes, attend meetings and conferences.

Keep a Constant Online Presence:

Go live on Facebook and Instagram and talk to your clients about your work and share your successes there! Manage your notifications and be sure to take time out to respond to your inboxes.

Partner with a project management platform like Indema.co to stay on track with all of this stuff.

Attend Interior Design Events:

Travel your country and attend trade shows to update yourself about the upcoming products and make contact with other professionals. Start saving money for these travels from the beginning of the year to stay within the budget!

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