Designer Spotlight with Jamie Mak


Designer Spotlight - Jamie Mak

Virtual design is such a niche that not every designer has the ability to make it work as it should. That’s completely not the case for Jamie Mak from Decor Republic! Time and time her clients describe her as this ball of energy and that her design reflects this energy! Born and raised in Hong Kong in a family full of love and freedom, the walls in her parents’ house were her childhood canvas which expands her creativity unboundedly. it’s clear that her passion is strong for design and natural, we had to get to know her!

How did you find yourself in interior design?

When I was a kid I loved arranging the layout of a space, of my parent’s house and did the color matching. It was then that I knew I would be an interior designer, or something related to that in the future.

Who is your biggest influence in interior design and why?

My parents! My mum was an admin in an interior design company and my dad was an engineer, they met there because of work. My dad was also a carpenter, and every time my mum and I designed new furniture or decorations, we drew it on paper, and he could always make it happen! That gave me a lot of encouragement and confidence to walk towards the interior design career path.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

I am so in love with vintage and pin-up stuff. Art Deco is my favorite style, the pattern, the color, and the golden elements, just give me a sense of hyper and mystery. And I also love everything in symmetry, it makes me calm and powerful, like I’m in the middle of everything but everything is under control. I always give feelings into design, and design into emotion.

What do you love most about this most recent boom of online interior design?

That people are changing! I never thought that an interior design project could be done over the internet. I started the online business right after the pandemic started, and surprisingly, I got more leads than through the traditional ways. We used to say that everything on the internet is spam, that we shouldn’t trust anything on the internet, but as we need to be online to communicate with people especially now, I realized people started to rely on the internet because it’s convenient and quick. Eventually, people started to build their trust on it.

What are some of your favorite resources for furniture and decor?

I think it’s still based on the design of the project. In Hong Kong, most of the projects need custom made furniture because of the limited spaces. We have many materials to choose from with good quality. In a material street, I have most of the contacts of the suppliers and vendors, which makes it easier for me to access furniture and décor supplies for projects. In finding supplies, I get the sample and do the matching to make sure it all goes smoothly.

What are you most excited about right now? Whether it be trends, materials, finishes, etc..

I’m currently working on a villa project in Lombok, Indonesia. I’m so excited to choose some teak wood furniture from Indonesia, which it’s the natural local wood, they are so beautiful and the color is really nice. And the price is really cheap compared to export furniture from other countries.

What is one trend you would love to just say goodbye to?

For residential, I would say bye to the industrial style. This style was a really big trend once, and many coffee shops and offices are using industrial interior style. I admit, it does look really cool. But for home design, this style might be a bit too commercial, which doesn’t really feel cozy and warm because of the colors used in this style. The space usually looks cold and dark because of this style, making it less welcoming.

What projects are you working on lately?

I’m very happy to say I’m working on quite a bunch of projects. I just finished working on a project on the Beaumont. It’s a residential project in Hong Kong, which I focused on a modern classic style with a touch of trendy colors. I’m currently working on another residential project located in Hong Kong, a villa project located in Lombok, Indonesia, and a small office in Perth Australia.

City Point, my project in Hong Kong, focuses on a Japanese Minimalist style where I want to integrate the beauty of simplicity and being cozy. With Torok Villa, the project in Lombok, I tried to focus on a more scenic style, using natural wood to complement the nature vibes.

For the small office project located in Perth, Australia, the clients want a space where they can both have a consultation office and a place where they can showcase their products. The location is in a historical building, located in the heart of Fremantle, so I wanted to have a modern tropic style while preserving the vintage attribute of the building. This is a very exciting project for me.

Whats next for you?

I used to be a commercial interior designer when I was working in a design company. I was hoping to try residential projects and when I quit the job, I was able to really put my skills to test with home projects. Now, I kind of want to go back to commercial projects so now I’m currently open to them because I get to work with various materials and elements.

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