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It’s easy to feel intimidated by interior design. Too many choices lead to feeling majorly overwhelmed. Not being able to define “your style” means you’re scared of making an expensive mistake. Lesley Myrick has become an expert in helping her clients find that right style for them. Her design is filled with love, color, and she’s not afraid to push the boundaries with design. After ten years of gaining experience in the interior design industry working for some of the US and Canada’s top designers, Lesley launched Lesley Myrick Art + Design in 2015 with a clear mission: to empower high-achieving moms to #bustoutofboring™, embrace what they love, and make confident design decisions. So, naturally, we had to do a designer spotlight!

How would you describe your design style?

I had a client define my style as “if funky and classy had a love child” and I think she nailed it! I help high-achieving moms bust out of boring homes, and I’m known for using rich jewel tones (especially teal, my favorite), bold patterned wallpaper, and textured neutrals.

What design trend do you think will blow up in 2021?

I hate to sound like that girl, but I really don’t put too much stake into design trends. I tend to be slow to adapt when a trend hits the scene that I don’t totally love but sometimes come around when I see something has a real impact on the industry (hello, brass, I’m looking at you!). I tend to just use what I like and what I’m drawn to in my designs. I find that when I spend too much time looking elsewhere for inspiration and trying to be on top of trends, my designs fall flat. When I “stay in my lane” and just use what I love, I’m a lot happier with my work.

What’s the biggest design mistake you see clients make?

Scale is so important in creating a kickass room, and unless you’re trained in space planning and scale, it’s easy to mess this up. Often I see clients purchase things that are too small, and since they’re so small they need more of them, and their homes end up looking cluttered. A big part of being an interior designer is having the confidence to make impactful design selections, and I’m of the mindset that you should go big or go home!

Any funny stories from your very first design project(s)?

Oh my gosh, I had NO IDEA what I was doing when I started! While I did go to school for design and worked for (and learned from) other interior designers for a decade, it’s a whole new world when you launch your own business. I don’t think anything went really wrong, but I look back on what I presented as the final design and it feels so amateur! I didn’t have the software (like Indema) or systems in place to run a smooth, expert project from start to finish as I do now, and I was just making it up as I went along. I’m of the mindset that you can’t steer a ship that’s not moving, so I just keep moving and improving as I go.

What is your favorite piece from your favorite project?

There’s a large-scale floral wallpaper I’ve now used three times in two different colorways – once in a stairwell, once in a master bedroom, and most recently, in my own daughter’s bedroom. I just love the bold colors that feel fun but not juvenile, and the scale is amazing. It’s by far the thing I get asked the most about on social media, and I love being able to source unique design elements like this wallpaper for my clients that they can’t get anywhere else.

Where to find Lesley?

Website: https://lesleymyrick.com
Phone: USA +1 323.230.0068
Email: hello@lesleymyrick.com.

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