Designer Spotlight with Gloribell Lebron


Designer Spotlight - Gloribell Lebron

Simple, organic and curated are just some of the words that we can use to describe Gloribell’s approach to interior design. After finishing Interior Design school (and while still working as a graphic designer), she decided it was time to start a new venture. Now with more than 7 years of experience in the arts of transforming spaces, Gloribell hasn’t stopped looking for new ways to cultivate a comforting atmosphere in all her projects. So, indema decided to get to know her a bit more!

What is a typical day for you like as a designer?

Nowadays and because of the current pandemic situation, my typical day runs very differently than usual. After leaving my kids set for their daily virtual school, I start my day by getting caught up with emails (of course with coffee at hand). If any phone calls are needed, I like to take those in the morning as well. I believe that by doing this early in the day frees up my mind and schedule so I can start working and focus on the design aspect of my projects.

How do you stay organized as a designer?

Organization plays an important role in my career. For this matter, I like to see each project’s progress in charts. I love using Trello for organization but recently started using Houzz Pro since they offer a variety of tools under one umbrella.

What color did you use in your designs most this year and why?

I’m originally from an island (Puerto Rico) and have always loved to spend time in the beach. For me it was more of a therapy than a hobby. Because of this, I found myself always using a neutral palette that include soft browns, sand colors and hits of hunter greens. I believe in creating small instances of relaxation in my designs where my clients can have a calm moment in their daily hectic lives.

Are you a morning or night person? Do you think your work is affected by this?

I’m a workaholic by nature. I never stop and you can find me working early in the am (3 am)! I would not say that my work has been affected by this because I find myself being the most creative and inspired at this time of the day. It is here where I can work without any interruption and at peace.

What is your style in 5 words or less?

My style is simple, organic and modern.

What color are you never tired of?

Gray. I know…. “so boring” some might think! But the incredible thing about this color is its disposition to transform. Gray serves as a great starting point to build character into any design.

What color would you wish just stayed out of people’s homes?

Red… I think it needs it’s own world or galaxy and it is very daring to my design aesthetic.

What’s next for you?
G. Lebron Interiors is a new business which was born during the start of this pandemic. While at the moment I’ve been working with virtual design (and some small on-site projects), I’m getting ready to dive in full/ onsite jobs. I want to bring and fulfill the exact design vision I create to a project. With virtual interior design sometimes it’s difficult to achieve this and the process is limited. Starting 2021 I will still continue to offer Virtual Design but the emphasis will be in creating full services that will work with residential projects from start to fishing.

Where to find Gloribell?

Website: https://www.glebroninteriors.com
Phone: USA +1 787.587.0008
Email: Gloribell@glebroninteriors.com

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